While the current adoption rate of the Rolla Animal Shelter is at an honorable 95% our current SAVE rate is only 74%. This means there are animals that are coming into the shelter sick or injured, unplaced, or listed as dangerous due to an inability to work with the animals and in turn euthanized. Our mission is to allow for more resources and opportunities for adopting animals from the Rolla Animal Shelter and reduce the overall length of stay at the shelter.

Last year, the Rolla Animal Shelter took in 724 animals and numerous were abandoned, neglected, lost and scared. All of them have stories and most are ones we do not wish to hear. The homeless animals of Phelps County deserve an updated shelter and now is the time for a healthier environment for these animals. Our dog runs have no AC or proper ventilation, cracked floors, peeling paint, and no protection from the environment. It is no place for a dog to live. With no AC, fans cool the outside kennels, but in the summer temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees. There is little space or storage and we do not have the warm and inviting atmosphere that we would love for the public, our employees, and our volunteers. Dogs and cats stay on average 17.6 days and live in small confines and are never able to exercise. A number of them can suffer from depression and health issues from the confined spaces.

It is time we did something better for the animals of Phelps County. Our $2 million dollar goal will go a long way towards building a better and brighter future for the animals in the Phelps County community. This new facility will allow us to implement education programs to promote spaying and neutering of animals. We will provide a better opportunity for those in the community to come in and volunteer and spend time with the animals to ensure they are receiving the love and attention they deserve before finding their forever home. The new facility will provide far more in creating a sense of community and philanthropy than the current shelter.