For the past 45 years, the Rolla Animal Shelter has served the Phelps County region in a secluded area in a facility that has become more inadequate each year. Staff and volunteers at the Rolla Animal Shelter have made the most of an increasingly bad situation by adding temporary structures, repairing an out of date and inadequate HVAC system and spending hours cleaning a facility that was designed for fewer animals. Forty-five years later the inadequacies of that facility can no longer be ignored. The current facility can no longer be patched together and still provide humane surroundings and care. As the human population grows so will our pet population. And, the need must be addressed and dealt with now.


  1. Built almost 45 years ago with low grade materials and is in poor general condition.

  2. Several portable buildings added.

  3. Not easily cleaned.

  4. Lacks good circulation and flow patterns for staff and public.

  5. Wear and tear have taken a huge toll.

  6. Too small to meet growing need in community.

  7. Poor curb visibility discourages adoptions and returns to owners.

  8. HVAC is substandard/inadequate for good housing and health.

  9. Frequently cited by MO Department of Agriculture for facility deficiencies (despite positive scores for shelter staff and animal care.)


  1. Approximately 6,500 SF

  2. 22 Dog kennels; 16 Cat cages 

  3. Quarantine areas for intake (separate dog/cat) 

  4. Proper drainage systems for more thorough cleaning. 

  5. Inside housing/kennel runs 

  6. Quality ventilation system 

  7. Veterinarian Services/Support (Spay/neuter services, disposal/ cremation, vaccination, micro-chip) 

  8. Adoption and get-acquainted rooms to promote increased adoptions

Steering Committee

  • Wayne Parry - Chairman

  • Sue Eudaly

  • Dawn Smith

  • Lee Buhr

  • Judy Jepsen

  • John Butz

  • John Redshaw

  • Capt. Hank Harper